Big trucks are a PAIN but boobs?

Daniel Bressanutti (riciRants)

     Trucks take too much room on the road, they block my view, they are too slow, and they make a lot of noise.  So why do I own 4 of them and have an AZ license to drive them? I admit I used to be that guy who would squeeze into the gap that trucks left in front of them on the highway.Then a funny thing happened, I bought my first tri-axle dump truck.  I swore I would never buy one but have since owned seven ( just like I swore I would never buy a rubber-tire backhoe and now own 2; but that’s another story). I have now settled with two dump trucks and two roll-offs.  I know of other excavation companies that own heavy equipment but not a single truck.  There’s a reason for that. A trucks margins are slim to none and they are costly to run and maintain. Trucks require a large shop and a large yard that allows truck parking, you just can’t park them anywhere.  The industrial complex I rented at the time wouldn’t allow truck parking. Perfect. 

     I constantly hired independent trucks to haul away the dirt from our excavations, as it saved me the hassle of actually owning a truck. This way I could hire as many or as little as I needed for the particular job.  In the end I needed my own truck to float my growing collection of excavation equipment around because the float companies couldn’t always float my machines when I needed them moved.  One of the things we do is emergency water-main repair and you need to be on the site within a reasonable amount of time with your equipment.  So I bought a dump truck and a tag-along trailer.  The dump truck can be used for the job during the day and at the end of the day, you hook up your trailer, load your equipment, and truck it all home.

     I never used to like buying used but I did not feel I could afford a new one at the time. One of my guys, who used to have his own trucking company, said he found one for me. We drove four hours North to pick up a first-place-ribbon-winning show dump truck.  I should have taken the hint that he HAD a trucking company.  My guy ruined any chance of a price break on the truck because he couldn’t contain his enthusiasm on how great the truck looked.  The owner’s wife was actually cleaning the wheel rims with a toothbrush when we arrived.  When I get into trouble, I like getting in deep.  You know the saying a ‘three dressed up as a nine’?  This thing had more lights and chrome than a UFO.  When something is this pretty it requires heavy maintenance. I finally got myself a first-place-ribbon-winning show dump truck, but I had no license to drive it and I don’t buy anything I can’t run myself.  I went through the arduous task of schooling, training, and testing and voila I have an AZ license.

     So here I am driving my ‘new’ truck and learning that those guys that pull in front into my safety stopping zone are not only placing their lives into MY own hands as a truck driver, but causing a great deal of stress and annoyance.  Watching any type of bad driving becomes an exaggerated annoyance when driving a big truck.  Trucks are not just difficult to stop but are not easily maneuverable either.  I have had to do some tricky driving to avoid getting into a collision, including having the truck slide sideways in a “controlled” drift.  Which I managed to do on a dry road in the middle of the summer. Not easy to do but very exhilarating to say the least. All of this is happening while you’re trying to work through 18 gears.  Add a trailer into the mix and everything just went exponential.  It isn’t like a car, small truck or SUV and more people on the road need to be aware of it.  So next time you see that gap, choose to live another day and ignore it.

     Due to my own experiences, I have changed my ways and have developed a greater respect for ‘big’ truck drivers.  You need to have the patience of a saint and truly love driving a truck. Personally, I hate it and that is why I hire drivers to drive my trucks.  When I start getting annoyed driving in my pickup, I try to think of the hardships truck drivers have to endure. I am thankful for the job that they do.

     It’s not just bad drivers that can be a distraction on the road.  I was driving on the highway going back to our yard when a minivan pulled up beside me and honked their horn. When I looked down from the truck the female passenger lifted her shirt and stuck her boobs out the window at me and proceeded to scream in excitement.  Thankfully, I did not get into an accident. My wife was baffled by the girls actions where as  I thought it was not for me to question.  I have never been flashed while driving my pickup and I have been driving that a lot longer.  I’ve also been mooned once, by another trucker, which was not very pleasant as there was so much hair, but that was to break up the monotony that can be this job too.


     To all the truck drivers on the roads. Be safe.

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